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Boulder Boat Works

USED - 2023 River Skiff Hybrid Demo - PA

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Constructed in June 2023 this demo boat has less than 30 days on the water, ensuring top-notch quality for your adventures.

Hull Profile Description:

The Boulder Boat Works River Skiff is our adaptation of the classic pram style drift boat with a more pronounced Boulder rocker profile making for the most agile skiff on the market. The blunt nose design, long centerline, and 78” beam opens the interior of the boat up and provides the most spacious boat in our fleet with a ton of real estate for gear, coolers, or your favorite boat dog. Our signature rocker profile allows the boat to stay nimble and agile enough to handle swifter and pushier water. The longer wet line and our pronounced chines help hold your line with little effort making the River Skiff an ideal boat for those slower tailwater rivers with prevalent wind.

Model Description:

The Hybrid is our workhorse skiff model with a walkaround front seating position (with a cooler or dry box) and double rod tray design with various tray sizing options that provides clean/flat rod storage and additional workspace in the cockpit. The 70/30 oarsman dry storage box provides ample storage space to keep the essentials concealed while still providing access while seated.

Construction Overview:

Hull: Our hand welded hulls are designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions at the lowest of waters. The natural buoyancy, flexibility, and quiet nature are all major benefits of our signature lightweight sand shade polymer hull. These benefits of our HDPE hull are what sets Boulder Boat Works boats apart from other manufacturers.

Structure: The white ash wood components have all been finished with Linex throughout, providing extra durability and eliminating the refinishing maintenance of our bright (epoxy/varnish) finish wood components. The rest of our interior polymer components throughout the boat are hand milled and welded to provide a uniform look and lightweight feel of the boat. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout the boat to eliminate any corrosion or rust.


Length: 190”

Centerline (length of bottom): 164”

Bottom Width at Oarlocks: 52”

Beam (width between oarlocks): 78”

Oarlock Height: 26”

Bow Height: 22”

Stern Height: 23”

Buildout Features:

  • Polymer bow shelf, hood, and knee horns
  • YETI 35 rear angler pedestal
  • Oarsman dry storage pedestal box
  • Front angler dry storage pedestal box
  • Logo’d Marine Mat kits: small snap in/out angler floor mats
  • Tempress all-weather seats with removable mount & swivel
  • Oarsman low back foam tractor seat
  • Double rod tray configuration (full tray on port + small tray on starboard)
  • Sawyer Cobra oarlocks w/ adjustable oarlock plates & stainless steel oarlock tower
  • Dierks anchor system: anchor arm, foot pedal, & pulley
  • 40’ of ½” halter roe with double locking carabiner
  • Oar cradle storage system with eye bolt/bungee tie downs
  • (Two) rear drain holes w/ plugs
  • Drop in & welded drink holders (4)

Included Components & Upgrades:

  • Custom green & black Linex finish
  • Linex’d RKB (rear knee brace)
  • Black Dog Trailer: standard model w/ triple rollers, center walkway, LED lights, winch, and boat strap
  • Sawyer two-piece spare oar with mounts
  • Sawyer Oars – square top wide blade model
  • Green pyramid anchor

Ad-Ons Available for Purchase:

  • Custom fit cover (made with marine grade Aqualon fabric)