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Boulder Boat Works

Motor Mount

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Elevate Your Drift Boat Experience with Our Drift Boat Motor Mount!

Discover the freedom of effortless navigation and enhanced fishing capabilities. Our Drift Boat Motor Mount is the ultimate accessory for your next adventure.

Seamlessly Integrated: Designed to fit your drift boat's transom like a glove, our motor mount ensures a perfect fit and a secure connection..

Effortless Power: Experience the convenience of effortless propulsion when you're making a run to that ideal fishing spot, our motor mount will get you there with ease.

Robust Construction & Easy Installation: Crafted with precision from high-quality aluminum, our motor mount is built to install using extended thru bolts attached directly to your transom. It's durable, dependable, and built to last.

Don't let the current dictate your journey. Take control, enhance your fishing prowess, and explore more with our Drift Boat Motor Mount. Elevate your game to a whole new level. 


Below is an outline of the guidelines and best practices when using a motor with our boats:

  • The motor must be removed in transit and should not be left on the boat when being trailered. This puts the hull and transom in jeopardy of damage and will void any hull warranty.
  • All models of our boats are coast guard rated for 6 hp motors or less. The use of any motors over this approved rating will void any warranty claims and may result in damage to your boat.
  • Our motor mounts are designed to sit flush on the rear transom of the boat and installed with a longer bolt package (length varies with fit and finish of each transom) that integrates the motor mount with the transom and boats and provides the sturdiest fit and performance.
  • For bright finish transom plates, we recommend a foam backing between the aluminum mount and the inside transom.
  • For proper fit, self drilling of mounting holes are necessary to line up with your boat's bolt placement. View our how to video here.