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Boulder Boat Works

Black & Tan Walkthrough Skiff

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The Black & Tan is a Boulder walk through skiff with tons of interior real estate.  The walk through design optimizes the space in the boat at all three position.  The low profile rod trays allow space to store up to four rods with easy one hand access.  The wood pack is coated in durable Linex to reduce the maintenance needs on the boat.   The Boulder hull is durable, light weight, buoyant and comes with a lifetime warrantee.  

Boulder Walk through skiff - $13,550 

Includes: Tempress angler seats, NRS low back oarsman seat, Yeti 35, two dry storage boxes, Linex wood package, Dierks anchor foot release anchor system, Marine Mat small angler package and Sawyer Cobra oarlocks.


Removable Front casting brace - $700

Single Leg Rear casting brace = $500

Two Rod trays: $1000

Black Dog Deluxe Trailer: $4400

Sawyer Polecat spare oar: $445